MyCityMyBudget – Citizens’ budget inputs submitted to the BBMP Commissioner

MyCityMyBudget, Janaagraha’s participatory budgeting campaign, saw a spirited launch on November 23, 2015. Over the next three months of online and on-ground activity, the campaign reached out to various sections of Bengaluru’s citizenry to facilitate their identification of inputs for the upcoming BBMP Budget. Citizen communities were engaged through workshops, to give inputs pertaining to their respective wards and neighbourhoods.

On 5 March, 2016, the campaign reached an important milestone, when the consolidated report of citizens’ inputs was submitted to the Commissioner of BBMP. In a fitting gesture, the report was handed over to the Commissioner by representatives of three Residents Welfare Associations at an event held at the Rotary Hall of Friendship, Bengaluru. Subsequent to the event, the MyCityMyBudget team made a presentation on the campaign to the Standing Committee on Taxation and Finance of BBMP.

Speaking on the occasion, BBMP Commissioner Mr. G. Kumar Naik had this to say ‘BBMP will be better off with citizens coming forward through campaigns such as this.’

BBMP Special Commissioner-Finance, Mr. Kumar Pushkar had encouraging words too. “I would like to congratulate Janaagraha for initiating this campaign and involving people from different wards. We would like this to happen regularly.’ he said.

Sapna Karim, Co-ordinator, MyCityMyBudget summed up the intent of the campaign by saying ‘It is critical to create opportunities for citizens to engage with the Government, especially when it comes to adding their voice in the municipal budget. Citizens know best about issues in their local neighborhoods. This is a great way to nurture ownership of the city,”

The extent of coverage of MyCityMyBudget can be seen from the table below. The campaign aims to reach out to many more citizens in Bengaluru next year and ensure that their voices find representation in the city’s budget.

MyCityMyBudget is a campaign built on the idea of participatory budgeting. It works towards giving citizens an opportunity to actively participate in the local municipal budgeting process. The campaign is part of Janaagraha’s sustained efforts to change the average citizen’s attitude towards the problems that affect our urban settings.

No. of wards reached No. of sessions convened No. of citizens met/ online users reached No. of citizens represented No. of inputs received
RWAs 75 71 1028 71, 920 2395
Online 173 1397 1397 2404
College students  34 12 665 665 219
Other communities 31 31 389 389 1019
Total 198  114 3475  74,371 6037
No. of wards reached No. of sessions convened No of students met No. of citizens represented No. of inputs received
School students 197 167 6739 6739 58,000