About imatter

As citizens of this country we constantly struggle with civic issues around us that impact the quality of our lives. The easy way out for every citizen is to blame the government, the elected representatives and its administration for not solving their problems.

Citizens have the right to vote such that they elect their representatives. But the larger question here is whether our responsibility as citizens ends with just a vote? Or is there more to our roles and duties? Citizenship in the modern parlance is about taking the responsibility for the issues that surround us and bringing about change in our lives, in our neighbourhoods, in our cities. ‘imatter’ aims to give citizens knowledge, motivation and tools necessary to participate in the political processes of the government.

Let’s Talk

We start with introductions and ice breaker sessions, followed by deliberation on issues that impact our lives on a day to day basis. Participants enact a role play that elucidates these everyday challenges, how as a citizen we can resolve these issues and the hurdles we face.

My Government

Take a closer look at our constitution and our governance processes and machinery. Understand the emergence of Urban Local Bodies, the last mile of governance and the gaps in the current system. Propose some solutions together.

Our Democracy

Know the nuts and bolts of democracy and take a look at the components of Indian democracy. Get an understanding of how citizen participation is crucial to the health of a democracy.


Some instances of active and successful Citizen Participation. Cracking the code on the “how” of citizen participation. Understand the options for participation in local governance. Introduction to some ideas, forums for formal and informal citizen engagement.

Our Team


The second session was conducted at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore for an audience of 35 final year students pursuing their Political Science degree. It was conducted on the 17th of August, 2016.

The first session was conducted at NMIMS College, Bangalore for an audience of 160 students pursuing their MBA degree. It was conducted on the 4th of August, 2016.