Monitoring & Evaluation

The Research and Insights team at Janaagraha is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of different programmes at Janaagraha. This ensures that Janaagraha’s initiatives and projects are of the highest calibre in terms of quality, transparency and professionalism and helps towards programmes ensuring maximum intended impact.

In particular, monitoring is done to:

  • Ensure smooth functioning of, and timely deliverables on, all activities which form part of the programme
  • Allow for strengthening of the activities to ensure maximum impact of the programme
  • Allow for impact evaluation relative to data on the execution and quality of activities
  • Ensure commitments made to donors, participating institutions/individuals, and the end recipients, are documented and delivered
  • Facilitate greater knowledge sharing across teams and initiatives that would ensure greater efficacy in project planning and management
  • Create a database of all initiatives and projects for future reference and comparison.

Currently the team is monitoring the Bala Janaagraha and Community Policing programmes and is creating the monitoring framework for IChangemyCity. The Bala Janaagraha programme is monitored on a series of parameters spread across five broad categories: 1) Knowledge and training, 2) Audits, 3) Administration and Reporting, 4) Coverage of units, and 5) Meetings.

For the Community Policing programme, monitoring is done police station-wise, on the basis of scale and quality of the on-ground activities and the citizen outreach. Additionally, the content knowledge of both Janaagraha’s field associates as well of the citizen volunteers (Area Surakha Mitras) is assessed.

Janaagraha evaluates its initiatives/projects to try and understand their impact both in the short and long term. For an organisation that focuses on creating social change, this is a necessary and important process which allows reflection and course correction for programmes to ensure maximum impact and provides an evidence base to help advocate for change.

The most recent evaluations of Janaagraha’s programmes can be found on the publications page here and future evaluations will also be published there.

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