Monitoring & Evaluation

To ensure that all its initiatives and projects are of the highest calibre in terms of quality, transparency and professionalism, JCCD has a project monitoring and evaluation cell that is setting up processes and systems:


  • To ensure commitments made to donors, participating institutions/individuals, and the end recipients, are documented and delivered
  • To ensure smooth functioning of and timely deliverables on all ongoing initiatives and projects
  • Greater knowledge sharing across teams and initiatives that would ensure greater efficacy in project planning and management
  • Creating a database of all initiatives and projects for future reference and comparison


  • JCCD evaluates all its initiatives/projects to try and understand its impact both in the short and long term. For an organisation that focuses on creating social change, this is a necessary and important process, as it feeds back into the organisation’s future initiatives
    • Currently, M&E is being carried out for two of Janaagraha’s Roots programs that is, Community Policing and Bala Janaagraha. For the Community Policing program, we conduct a baseline and endline survey that measures how CP may/may not contribute to the change in perception of citizens and police regarding the safety and security of the areas, and the relationship between citizens and police
    • In the case of Bala Janaagraha Program, we conduct a series of M&E interventions, including a baseline and endline survey; focus group discussion and photography project. The goal is to demonstrate the impact of the program, by measuring changes that may/may not take place in improving a child’s civic knowledge, activism and engagement with the greater community