block1Financial Management of Bengaluru’s Civic Agencies

Janaagraha released an analysis of the financial management of key Civic Agencies in Bengaluru. The report throws light on the need to maintain sharp focus on the financial management of these agencies and publish periodic updates on the same. View the brief here
We are pleased to share that Bengaluru Development Authority has taken cognisance of the issues raised in our report and has issued a detailed response. View the BDA’s press release here

block1Delhi Cabinet gives nod for mohalla sabhas

The Government of Delhi notified the formation of 2,972 mohalla sabhas across the state which will coordinate with different government agencies for execution of developmental works. The Mohalla Sabhas will also identify and facilitate beneficiary identification for different social sector schemes, help to resolve grievances and monitor local institutions. Janaagraha has partnered with the Government of Delhi to assist in the effective functioning of the Mohalla sabhas. Read more about the initiative here

block1City-Systems approach fundamental to manage urbanisation

Well managed urbanisation is cruical for sustained economic growth. There has to be an acknowledgement on the complexity of urbanisation.
Read the Op-ed on the need for a ‘city-systems’ framework to understand and address the challenges of urbanisation by Mr N R Narayana Murthy and Swati Ramanathan and Ramesh Ramanathan here

block1Fixing municipal finance key to urban infrastructure

Municipal finance is an integral component of the public finance system. Smart Cities Mission could have a potentially transformative role by putting in place a framework for municipal financial rejuvenation. Read our article here

block1Capacity for Smart Solutions can’t be built overnight

In an interview with Rihan of Livemint, Jana Group co-founder Swati Ramanathan discusses on the ‘spatial chaos’ in India that is not only creating ugly cities, but has become an urban management nightmare, resulting in enormous invisible stress. Read more from the interview here