block1Participatory budgeting gets a boost in Bengaluru

My City My budget campaign, a participative budgeting exercise kick starts from the BBMP headquarters on 3rd October. Over the next three months, the campaign will run 117 workshops across community organisations, colleges and workers collectives, to gather over 50,000 budget inputs from citizens from all walks of life and share the same with the civic agencies in the city.
The online portal for submission of budget inputs can be viewed here.

block1Bengaluru shows the way for Community Policing in cities

Scroll featured an article by Andrew Seo, intern at Janaagraha, asserting the efficacy of Community Policing in Bengaluru and the lessons other cities can draw from the experience.
The article cites growing evidence on community policing as an effective strategy to get the police and the citizens to work together to secure their neighbourhoods.

block1MoUD kicks off Credit Rating in 85 Cities

The Ministry of Urban Development has initiated the process for credit rating of urban local bodies in 85 cities in the country.
The completion of credit rating is a pre-requisite for Urban Local Bodies to float municipal bonds and mobilise resources.
View the PIB release here

block1Leveraging urbanisation for economic growth: India’s new urban development strategy

The Ministry of Urban Development unveiled India’s Urban Development strategy for the next 20 years, intended to tap the potential of sustainable urbanisation for rapid economic development.
The new urban agenda will adopt a ‘regional planning approach’, promote inclusive access to urban services, encourage sustainable urban planning, empower municipalities to improve governance and ensure social justice.