Shashidhara H L

Infrastructure Planner


Roads today are used as both networks for mobility in expanding cities and towns, as well as the means of access to individual dwellings. The goal of project Tender SURE is to improve the quality of life in our cities by getting our road infrastructure right. India's urban roads currently suffer from a two-fold gap: a lack of design specifications; and a poor procurement process. Tender SURE addresses both these gaps by providing vital, replicable blueprints for governments and contractors alike.

Q2 Highlights

Detailed Project Report (DPR) provision

In quarter two, India Urban Space Foundation (IUSP) was entrusted with creating DPRs for 12 key corridors in Bangalore, by order of the Government of Karnataka. In quarter two, IUSP completed field investigations for all 12 corridors, involving the following tests:

  • Benkelman Beam Deflection Study
  • Soil tests
  • Total Station Survey
  • Usage surveys
  • Utility Service Mapping
  • Traffic survey
  • Pedestrian survey

Creation of the 'Ten Steps to Tender SURE' workflow

IUSP created a ten-step process chart for Tender SURE that was discussed during a meeting convened by the Karnataka Chief Secretary on July 13th, 2012. Meeting attendees included Bangalore City Connect Foundation (BCCF) members and agency heads from the BBMP, BTP, BMRCL, BMTC, and BDA. Following this meeting, IUSP representatives met with all agencies separately to get their sign-off on their existing asset maps. The IUSP team then carried out an exercise to allocate space for these utilities and received sign off from all agency heads in a meeting convened by the Chief Secretary on 30th August, 2012.

Master Process Chart - 10 Steps to Executing a Tender SURE Road

Standards set for six BBMP consultants

At the invitation of the BBMP, Swati Ramanathan presented standard steps to be followed in producing Tender SURE DPRs, to six consultants entrusted with designing 33 roads in Bangalore. The importance of inter-agency engagement was stressed and a case study on the same was presented.

Agenda for Q3

In quarter three, the Tender SURE team will focus on submitting DPRs to the BBMP along with detailed estimates and tender documents. The team will also begin working on a new project to redesign 4.2kms of Huskur Road, near Electronic City.