Smart Cities: Role of private capital in financing municipal infrastructure

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy and Edelweiss Group held a roundtable on “Smart Cities: Role of private capital in financing municipal infrastructure” to focus on core reform agendas which need to be addressed as a prerequisite to a functioning municipal bond market in India. The roundtable was held in Mumbai on the 23rd of November with key stakeholders from central and state governments, select municipalities, credit rating agencies and the full range of financial services institutions that actively engage in the capital markets to draw focus on the need for capital at the municipality level and the roadmap to tap municipal bonds to address this need. The object of the round table was to actively engage key stakeholders on core reform agendas necessary to catalyse the municipal bond market in India, focussing on yet not limited financial management reforms in municipalities.

The roundtable was a three and half hour event covering two topics in two sessions

i. Job creation and India’s cities: Economic productivity, Infrastructure and Financing and

ii. Making Municipal Bonds work in India

Pictures from the event are shared below: