About Development

Development is a strategic initiative programme that supports the core programmes of Janaagraha. It has two mandates – strategic planning of the organization’s resource portfolio, and project development.

The programme provides on-going support for all Janaagraha projects through its fundraising and planning initiatives. The programme also implements and undertakes activities responsible for the brand management and network expansion of Janaagraha. These range from the publication of performance reports for both internal and external stakeholders, to database management and implementation of organizational processes which ensure smooth and sustainable functioning.


With the rapid conversion of Janaagraha’s pilot projects into full-blown programs, the need for a team dedicated to the core functions of organizational planning and development was felt, and the P&D program was developed in 2011 to meet this need. The primary focus of P&D has been to aggressively raise funds for the ever-expanding programs at Janaagraha, to nurture and liase Janaagraha’s partnerships and governing structure, and to put in place benchmarking and reporting formats so as to relay performance metrics to external as well as internal stakeholders.


jana-engage-finalThe donor engagement portal that we have named “JanaEngage” aims to deepen the engagement level with our donors based on a structured and intensive framework of engagement.

Our donor engagement framework has value offerings in employee engagement, making employees good citizens first and good employees next as a natural extension.

The portal enables us to create engagement calendars with our long standing donors that fit their focus and priority areas and facilitates seamless planning and coordination towards fulfilment of the engagement activities. It also showcases our engagement with some of our donors that has evolved and matured to a great place.

“JanaEngage” is developed on the technology platform Sharepoint, has exclusive logins for our donors and creates a collaborative environment through meaningful interactions to transform our engagement with the donor community into strategic and intellectual partnerships.


In 2010, ON and Janaagraha entered into a three year partnership which concluded on March 31, 2013 (later extended to June 30, 2013). Given our highly successful partnership, Janaagraha has been in talks with ON during Q1 to renew the partnership for an additional three years. Teams from both organizations are currently working towards drafting a new renewal agreement.

Tata Sons signed a four-year, multi-crore support agreement for Janaagraha’s Bangalore operations commencing from 2012.
Janaagraha’s partnership with Tata Steel to help bring Civic Innovation to Odisha got underway with the signing of the grant agreement between Tata Steel and Janaagraha in the second quarter of 2013. This is a three year support agreement which will help Janaagraha scale operations beyond Bangalore.

The P&D Team played an instrumental role in ichangemycity.com (ICMyC), Janaagraha’s locational online social networking platform for civic change, winning the Google Impact Challenge 2013 in India! Janaagraha will receive a Rs. 3 crores Global Impact Award as well as Google mentoring to help make their project to scale up ICMyC a reality.

The P&D team successfully engages with existing donors and manages grants from the likes of HSBC, Dell, Acacia Conservation Fund, and EdelGive Foundation. The team also works tirelessly to garner the support of new donors such as the Ford Foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation and so forth.

A state of the art Relationship Management System was introduced in Janaagraha by the P&D Team to help the organization better manage and engage its current and future donors. The CRM system called Sales Force is cloud based platform which will be used by the organization as the primary tool for all its donor relations, event management, and fundraising activities.

The P & D team works with the rest of the organization to define the strategic plan for each financial year by developing Balanced Score Cards (BSCs). BSC’s are designed at both the organizational and programmatic level. This exercise involves collating organization and program wise strategies, as well as determining the human and financial resources required to support these strategies. The P&D Team then designs detailed BSCs to manage and track execution of planned activities.