Policy Roundtables

Policy Roundtables are a forum for exchange of ideas around systemic reform. Janaagraha provides a platform for policy professionals to engage with various stakeholders including law makers and administrators to bridge the gap between policy and practice.


Primers are an in-depth study of components of the City Systems framework. A bi-annual feature, Primers benefit policy makers, urban managers and professionals keen on driving systemic change to impact the quality of life in cities.

Policy Briefs

Briefs examine key urban policy issues in detail based on the city-systems perspective to provide policy makers, urban policy professionals and other stakeholders with an objective, independent analysis of dominant issues concerning urban India

Policy Scan

Policy Scan is a monthly compendium of updates for citizens and policy makers, seeking to keep themselves abreast of key urban policy developments and Janaagraha’s work. Policy watch is available as a monthly e-newsletter across India.