About Open Works

Open Works aims at being a realtime platform for opening up data on the operations and finance of a City. Beginning with the creation of municipal data sets to empower communities with actionable data and ending with the creation of a data portal that is customizable to suit the requirements of a city and its civic works, the goal is to encourage citizens to engage with elected representatives and municipal officials to demand rational allocation of funds and better provision of infrastructure and services based on fully transparent governance.

Open Works was initiated in 2014. The programme has four key components :

  1. Open Data: Open up the Municipal Corporation’s data pertaining to existing civic infrastructure and services at a hyper-local level as well as other information which citizens would like to engage on e.g. revenue sources and collection
  2. Budget Briefs: Demystifies the City budget by analysing how funds are being allocated across geographies (Wards, Assembly Constituencies, Zones) as well as across infrastructure heads such as roads, footpaths, storm water drains, garbage and parks.
  3. Works MIS: A platform to enable citizens, elected representatives and senior Municipal Corporation officials to track the progress of every civic work from budgeting to tendering and payments.
  4. Ward Quality Score: Quantitatively measures the availability and quality of infrastructure and services at a Street and Ward level. Will also serve as a year on year measure of change in quality of infrastructure and services across Wards in the City.

Below we represent the Open Works framework from the perspective of a citizen


Budget Briefs

Budget Briefs provide data on the allocation of the City Budget across geographies (Ward, Assembly Constituency and City) and across work categories (roads, footpaths, storm water drains, garbage, public amenities, parks and playgrounds, lakes and trees and others). The reports are overlaid with WQS 2013 and Census 2011 data.

AC Budget Briefs – 2014-15

City Budget Briefs – 2014-15

Ward Budget Briefs – 2014-15

Ward Quality Score

Ward Quality Score aims to deliver an objective measure of the quality of life experienced by citizens in each of Bangalore’s wards. These are measured by a combination of on ground surveys and geospatial mapping of the city’s infrastructure and services followed by a detailed analysis of the findings.

The indicators to be measured during WQS 2015-16 aim to cover all aspects of quality of life that the average citizen would be concerned about.


The previous edition of Ward Quality Score was conducted in 2013, and the results are available here.

Ward Quality Score 2013 Databook – English

Ward Quality Score 2013 Databook – Kannada

Works MIS

Works MIS seeks to create a platform that will enable citizens, corporators and senior Municipal Corporation officials to track the progress of every civic work. The life cycle of a Work starts with the creation of a “Job Code”, a unique identifier used to track the progress of the Work through various stages which are represented below. Till date we have compiled the following data sets which would comprise a Works MIS for Bangalore spanning the last five years –

  1. Job Codes Data – Planned works for each year from 2010 to 2015
  2. BBMP Tenders – Tenders published by the BBMP during 2013 to 2015
  3. BBMP Contractor Payments – Contractor payments made and bills pending 2009-2015
Note: BBMP is Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike, the Municipal Corporation of Bangalore.