block1Pune raised ₹ 200 crore in Municipal Bond issue

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) raised ₹ 200 crore in the first bond issue by a civic body in India in 14 years. The proceeds from the issue will be used to provide 24 x 7 water for all citizens of Maharashtra’s second biggest city. The bond issue is seen by many as a test case for the revival of municipal bond market in India.
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block1Global cities will now emulate Tender SURE Roads

NACTO, a New York-based advocacy group, has included Bengaluru’s Tender SURE roads in its Global Urban Streets Guide. Tender SURE is being spearheaded by Jana Urban Space Foundation. Tender SURE’s pedestrian centric design which has seen a 250 percent increase in the volume of pedestrians will now be used as a standard for roads across the globe.
Access the Global Street Design Guide here

block1Gauging liveability of Indian cities

The MoUD launched the ‘City Liveability Index’, to assess the Quality of life in 116 major cities. The cities will be assessed on a comprehensive set of 79 parameters, including education, healthcare, mobility, employment, pollution, availability of open spaces, cultural and entertainment opportunities. A sense of healthy competition is being fostered among cities to achieve desirable liveability parameters.
View pib press release on City liveability Index here

block1Integrated City Command and Control Centres for a smarter Pune

India’s first city level integrated Command and Control Centre to be operational in Nagpur and Pune. All Smart Cities are to put in place such centres to enable better coordination among various city agencies for better service delivery and effective management of scarce resources. As cities aspire to be responsive to citizen needs, these centres will transform information to intelligence and enable effective city management.
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block1Moving People rather than Vehicles

Maharashtra Government has drafted its first State Urban Transport policy. The policy reverses the trend of excessive reliance on motor vehicle oriented infrastructure such as road widening or flyovers which are at best short lived solutions. The spotlight now is on sustainable modes like public transport, walking etc.
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