Sustainable Environment and Green Infrastructure

The concept of cities maturing sustainably is the foundation for ensuring better quality of lives now and in the future. This is the reason the 11th sustainable development goal is designed exclusively for nations to focus on fostering sustainable cities and communities.

This assumes even more significance in the light of the fact that, according to estimates, 6 out of 10 people would be city dwellers by 2030. Resilient infrastructure that can support the growing cities sustainably to accommodate this growing demand is critical.

Sustainable growth of cities is dictated by social justice and inclusion in the closely linked aspects of social, environmental, and economic growth. Adapting to climate change demands a prudent approach for an equitable transition and stronger communities to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Our Objectives

We at Janaagraha, work under the umbrella of green finance practice, focusing on working with governments. Our collaboration with relevant stakeholders makes sure that infrastructure investments are made in the right place to ensure sustainable growth and a better quality of life in Indian cities.

We believe that investing in appropriate and resilient green infrastructure is a key and quintessential element to sustainable growth.

It not just ensures better quality of life during this transitory period but also generates sufficient employment opportunities to ensure this growth and transition is inclusive.

Green Finance

Janaagraha’s Green Finance program was launched in the year 2020 with the motive to actively engage with stakeholders and build projects to support a just transition in cities – one that can tackle climate change.

Working in municipal strengthening, civic participation, and gender, we prioritise sustainability to build resilient cities, recognising the need for investments in the right projects.

We aim to help channelise investments in appropriate projects and sectors to facilitate cities to become resilient to climate change.

Our Approach

Our high level strategy to achieve this objective is to “strengthen institutions” (state departments and parastatals) in urban infrastructure financing.

We implement this program by research, due process, and capacity building through active engagement with the government to support a just and inclusive transition in cities. We focus on three key projects.

Financial Framework Design: We design a financial framework for public bus transport by working with transport undertakings at State & City level to ideate innovative funding mechanisms and extend support in on-ground implementation.
Building Financial Frameworks: We build a financial framework for public bus transport with a focus on E-bus financing to facilitate green transitions in the bus based public transport space.

Green Economic Recovery: For green economic recovery in cities we help ULBs and states bring relevant green projects to life – to achieve circularity and reduce carbon footprint, with a focus on creating recurring, sustainable jobs for the urban poor.

Sustainable Environment Project

At the Union level Janaagraha will be working to advocate amendment to 74th CAA to empower cities for first mile governance of environment sustainability. Ensure buy-in to mainstream role of local governments in governance of environment sustainability in existing schemes and missions (COP 26/27/28, SBM 2.0, XV FC grants, NCAP).

At the State level (Karnataka) Janaagraha will aim to mainstream environment sustainability in urban policy and public infrastructure, diagnose urban environmental policies with partners, design guidelines for environmentally sustainable urban infrastructure, advocate for policy reforms. We will also mobilise municipal councillors & citizens for local action on environment and develop leadership capabilities of elected representatives, and inculcate environment education through project-based learning