Civic Engagement is the very essence of a functioning democracy and participatory budgeting at the local/ward level works as the key driver of this feature. We, at Janaagraha,  believe that participatory budgeting not only strengthens the working of  local governments but also instills in citizens a sense of ownership over their cities.

In our lead story, we turn your focus towards the Delhi Government’s initiative on notifying Mohalla Sabhas and its promise of allotting money to the Mohalla Sabhas for works to be decided at the local level through a Participatory Budgeting process.  It is a cause close to Janaagraha and we are happy that we would be building the mobile and web application for the Mohalla Management System.

It is a radical departure in the budgeting process in empowering the common man, and we are happy to be playing a key role in enabling the same.

Janaagraha and the Government of Delhi have signed an MoU to create a Mohalla Management System – a comprehensive mobile and web application and work is underway for the same.

Among other updates, this issue features an update on the launch of Swachhata mobile and web application- built by for the Swachh Bharat Mission of the Government of India, by the Union Urban Development Minister- Venkaiah Naidu.

Do read on and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.




Sylvia Veeraraghavan
Head, Civic Participation – JanaOnline

Lead Story


 Delhi Government lays the foundation for Participatory Budgeting

Civic Engagement is the key to good governance in a democracy. The best way to induce participatory inclinations among citizens’ is to create avenues for people to participate and engage in local governance.

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