In the beginning of this year, we set ourselves five ‘Big Goals’. These goals are our lodestars, they define the trajectory Janaagraha needs to take in order to make maximum impact by using our available resources in the most judicious manner. One of these goals is to “engage with 10 million citizens from 20 cities in India by 2020”. We believe we can do this by leveraging technology to build digital platforms that can bring citizens together for informed, cohesive and coordinated action for civic change.

With this in mind, Bala Janaagraha, one of our foundational civic learning initiatives with school students, is all set to go digital with its flagship civic project activity. I Change My City: Action for Civic Change is an exciting project activity for 7th to 12th Grade students from any school, any city in India.

This hands-on experience will provide the students an opportunity to showcase their engagement with civic issues or any other issue that affects them, their school or their community. Project submissions will be administered online on our portal. Please refer to the Brochure for more information.

We believe this technology aided virtual platform can take civic action by students to new heights, both in terms of reach and depth. We seek your support to spread the word. You could adopt a school or connect us with a school. It could be any school in your neighbourhood, your child’s school or the school where you studied.

Do reach out to us for any clarifications. Also, log on to to find out more about the Challenge. We believe this challenge would transform the urban landscape of India by infusing the young minds with dreams of change for better Quality of Life in our cities.

In this issue of Urban Canvas, we bring to you more updates on our work, interesting stories from the urban landscape and media citations on Janaagraha. Please share your thoughts, write to me at We will continue to keep you posted.


Swachhata application wins the mBillionth Award 2017

Swachhata App has won the mBillionth Award 2017 by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) in the category Government and Citizenship Participation. The industry – driven and peer – acknowledged mBillionth Award recognised mobile phone-based interventions and innovations in the area of telecom from across eight countries in South Asia. With the user base of 6.2 million citizens and growing popularity among civic agencies across the country, Swachhata application is being recognised as a benchmark for people-oriented innovations in the telecom industry.

IPAB conducts Workshop on Retail Corruption at NMKRV College for Women

The workshop included engaging sessions from the IPaidABribe advisors Dr. Malati Das, former Chief Secretary, Karnataka and Dr. ST Ramesh, Director General of Police, and the IPAB team. On the basis of a survey conducted among students during the workshop, it is established that students are more likely to fight corruption as a group rather than as an individual. Students feel that platforms like IPAB and media plays a big role in exposing bribery and corruption but should ensure better ways to protect the security/ identity of a person reporting a bribe.

Community Policing continues to reach out to scores of citizens for neighbourhood safety awareness

With organised awareness programs like street performances and walkathons, the Bangalore City Police and Citizen Volunteers (Area Suraksha Mitras) continue to reach scores of citizens to spread awareness on crime prevention as a means to foster safer neighbourhoods. Through these awareness programs, citizens were introduced to app based technology initiatives of the City Police to ensure they download and leverage platforms like the Suraksha app, Namma 100, etc. to the fullest. Read more…

We are already at our 5th Kaapi with a Cop this season

Watch Sri Praveen Sood, IPS, Former Commissioner of Benguluru City Police share how the Police Department has been optimising technology platforms. He shares that the department owes a lot of credit to technology for enabling wider reach and timely intervention for crime prevention in city neighborhoods.






Here’s what students, teachers, school authorities and parents have to say about Bala Janaagraha Civic Projects. We are really delighted to launch I Change My City Challenge: Action for Civic Change, opening the Civic Projects to all 7th-12th Grade students from any school in India.


Taking the idea of Active Citizenship to Corporate Citizens

Janaagraha has a rich history of cultivating the spirit of volunteerism. We have always had a good number of citizen volunteers coming forward to support our work by contributing their unique skills and capabilities. We are now reaching out to corporate citizens with a year- round calendar for engaging with them in the spirit of active citizenship.

In the month of July, we engaged with employees of Credit Suisse in Mumbai (Worli and Powai) to conduct a sapling adoption campaign. The sapling was symbolic of the Beginning of a Journey of Active Citizenship. We had a huge turn-out at both the venues and employees connected well with the idea of adopting the sapling. We look forward to continued engagement with Credit Suisse to foster the spirit of Active Citizenship.

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