Finally, the dust has settled on the election campaign that took place in the four states and one union territory that went to polls last month. The new Governments in some of these states must be assembling their teams and getting down to work. The media keeps telling us that only two things are capable of whipping up a frenzy in India – movies and cricket. It has been proven wrong. I would like to add a third item to this list – elections. For weeks before the polls, poll states (no actually, all of India, because we live in the age of social media and ‘virality’) witness high drama.

Now that life has gone back to ‘normal’ mode, it is a good time to introspect on some important issues pertaining to elections. Take for instance, the issue of ‘voter list management’. While we keep seeing data about population and voter turnouts in the media, is this data really accurate? Turns out, it is not. Two key reasons for this are the higher geographical mobility of Indians and certain systemic inefficiencies in the way voter lists are maintained.

In our lead story this time, Vivek Anandan Nair of Janaagraha argues that the Election Commission must clean up these inefficiencies, for which IT can be a handy tool. It is only when voter lists are accurate that all talk about voter turnouts and polling percentages will make sense.

In other updates, we have the formation of the Bangalore Blueprint Action Group, our work with the Department of Local Self Government, Rajasthan and highlights of activities this month.

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Ganesh V
Head-Marketing Communication,
Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy

Lead Story

 Here’s how the Election Commission can ensure 100% accuracy in urban India’s voter lists

Errors on the voter list range from the presence of citizens who are dead, or have moved out of their listed addresses, to the omission of eligible citizens.

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