In a month from the launch of our campaign- MyCityMyBudget,  a total of 30,754 budget inputs have been submitted by citizens as of 10th November.

It has been an outstanding experience for all of us at Janaagraha to be out there with citizens, motivating them to participate in deciding what’s good for their neighborhood.

We recently had Divya Spandana popularly known as Ramya, Actor and Former Member of Parliament, share her budget inputs for MCMB. People like her boost our energies with their faith in our work and their spirit of active citizenship. She gave her budget inputs on ‘planting more trees, reviving local water bodies, rain water harvesting and cycling lanes’. We thank her for her support in spreading the word on social media to reach out to more people and  look forward to each of your budget inputs too! The online portal for submission of budget inputs can be viewed here.

The Application window for the V Ramachandran Awards for Excellence in Urban Decentralization to recognize ground-breaking work on urban decentralization in India, will be open till 18th of November 2016. You could help us in spreading the message across and recognizing such valuable initiatives. (Click here to view the Website for the Online Application)

Do read on and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.


Sapna Karim
Coordinator, Civic Participation

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 Community Policing in Bengaluru reunited a lost old man with his family

A recent incident in Bengaluru reinstated the fact that the police- public coordination can work wonders to foster safety and security in our neighbourhoods. An elderly man suffering from memory loss was reunited with his family by a social worker and the Bengaluru police.

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