I am delighted to share with you Janaagraha’s Annual Report for 2016-17. This has been a hugely eventful year for us across all three of our programs i.e. Civic Learning, Civic Participation and Advocacy and Reforms.

We hope you are able to take out time to go through the Annual Report. We would love to hear back from you on any feedback or questions. Thank you for all your support and encouragement in 2016-17!

In this issue of our monthly magazine, we bring to you news of the Swachhata mobile app winning the Safaigiri Award, our opinion pieces in the Times of India on the Mumbai stampede and more.

We hope you will enjoy reading this. Do write to us with comments, questions or for more details.

Swachhata app judged as the
“Best Sanitation App”

Swachhata app developed by us for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has been judged as the “Best Sanitation App” by India Today. It has been announced as the winner in the India Today Safaigiri Awards 2017.The Jury comprised eminent personalities such as Aroon Purie, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India Today, Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, Neerja Birla, Founder and Chairperson, Aditya Birla Education Trust, Vinayak Chatterjee, Co-founder of Feedback Infra, Shubhagato Dasgupta, Senior Fellow at Centre for Policy and Research, T V Mohandas Pai, Chairman Manipal Global Education and Shilpa Shetty, popular bollywood actress. It was an extremely proud moment for us to receive the award from the Vice President of India- Mr Venkaiah Naidu and Mr Aroon Purie.
Janaagraha’s HR practices
cited in Bridgespan’s survey

The Bridgespan group’s study, Building the bench at Indian NGOs: Investing to fill the Leadership Development Gap cited Janaagraha as a case study calling out some core practices followed by our founders for leadership building. The study supported by Omidyar Network surveyed approximately 250 leaders from Indian NGOs and the Indian offices of international NGOs. The objective of the survey is to understand how much organisations in the development sector invest in building their human capital and leadership which is key to achieve greater impact and accountability.
IIT Mumbai partners with
ICMyC to clean Juhu beach

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai’s Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) held a clean-up drive in partnership with I Change My City. The clean-up drive had close to 300 citizen volunteers from around the city. Nearly 200 of the volunteers came to know about the activity and were able to sign up through the www.ichangemycity.com portal. The event was a success owing to the strong citizen energy that it could garner. We believe citizen participation in the form of such kind of volunteering is in itself a practical form of civic learning that exposes citizens to the realities of civic governance. It nudges citizens to reflect more deeply on why things are the way they are when it comes to the municipality and our cities.
Elphinstone station tragedy: Let’s stop
being tolerant of sub-optimal
lives and broken city-systems

Times of India | September 30, 2017

The death of more than 20 fellow citizens in a stampede at the Elphinstone station in Mumbai is horrifying. How can a tragedy like this happen in the 21st century in our most vibrant city, and after 70 years of Independence? Why do we simply come to terms with tragedy after tragedy in our cities?
Government can’t do it alone:
Time is ripe for creating a market for
citizen volunteering in our cities

Times of India | October 20, 2017

There are several challenges in our cities that can be solved only through civic learning (essentially the learning of civic sense) and civic participation at scale. Major challenges like traffic indiscipline, littering, not segregating garbage, open urination, not queuing up, defacing public assets, paying bribes, not paying taxes, not voting in elections and a general disrespect for the rule of law are all impossible for governments alone to solve.
Nations get better at preventing Flood-Related deaths not India. – Quint quotes data points on quality of urban infrastructure and services from our Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems
Ek app! Jo dega har sawaal ka jawaab – Meerut Citizens’ Forum cites our I Change My City app as ‘one stop to raise and resolve civic complaints’
Sylvia Veeraghavan, Head- Civic Participation (Online) goes on air with Fever IO4 FM to speak about our civic technology platform I Change My City
In Jakarta, solving problems with new tech tools and people power

How cities in Southeast Asia are acting on the SDGs ahead of their national governments