About Volunteering & Internships

Over the years, scores of active citizens have supported Janaagraha in different measures. Janaagraha transition from inspiring practical patriotism to improving quality of life was made possible by these volunteers who mixed passion with rigour. Offer your time and be the change you want to see. If any of the above spaces excite you then do write in to work@janaagraha.org.

Who can volunteer & Intern ?

With projects ranging from Urban planning and initiatives like BalaJannagraha and Community policing there is always a way for you to contribute to a cause that you believe in and get be a part of our team , We are constantly on a lookout for good talent in the field of Research , Technology , law & policy ,Teaching , Website Design ,Content , Spatial Planning.

Our Selection Process

We regularly host interns from diverse academic streams. Please email work@janaagraha.org if you wish to intern. Your email should be accompanied by your profile and cover letter. Ensure the dates and duration of your internship are clearly mentioned. We do not host interns for durations less than 4 weeks. Internship applications should reach us one month in advance

Training and induction

Volunteers engage in myriad different combinations of time and duration. Interested volunteers are to register on the website or come in for an orientation. Skills and time commitments are ascertained and areas of involvement are mutually identified. Foreign volunteers express interest to volunteer by registering on the website, via email or contacting Janaagraha by phone. Volunteers can be broadly classified as short-term and long-term, full-time and part-time.

Volunteers will be mentored by the Programme Managers directly or through designated team members under the same programme

Primary difference between volunteers & interns are the modalities of engagement with Janaagraha. Interns engage with Janaagraha as a part of their academic needs or through formal partnerships established between the two institutions. A volunteer is anyone who chooses to support us in our programmes/projects.