About Community Policing

CP-logoThe Community Policing (CP) programme aims to create awareness and provide inputs to police and citizens towards working together to solve neighbourhood-level security and crime concerns. CP accomplishes this through harnessing participation from active citizen volunteers, or Area Suraksha Mitras (ASMs). The ASMs help maintain safety through: providing support and information to fellow citizens, liaising with police to hold community meetings, and monitoring and reporting security concerns to local police. The central goal of the CP program is for ASMs to become catalysts for solving neighbourhood crime and safety issues, and for citizens and police to form a strong and cooperative relationship to make our streets safer.

The Community Policing program was launched in the city of Bangalore, in partnership with Bangalore city police, in June 2013. The program is operational in seven police stations, one in each police division of Bangalore. Every police station has between 35 to 40 ASMs. These ASMs along with the police personnel form Jana Suraksha Samithis, or monthly community meetings to discuss security issues at the local level.


The idea of a community policing initiative had its genesis following two prominent incidents in Bangalore in 2008. The first was a tragic terror attack at the Bangalore campus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Science and the second was the alarming discovery that a group of LTTE militants had been living, undetected, among the community for many months. At this time, Janaagraha began to ask questions about how a deeper connection between the community and the police force could prevent further incidents like this from taking place. Janaagraha approached the Bangalore City Police to ascertain how it could mobilise citizen participation to help improve the safety of our neighbourhoods and thus began the community policing initiative in seven Police stations.

The list of Police Stations

JP Nagar
K R Puram
Mico Layout
Ramamurthy Nagar
Tilak Nagar
Yelahanka New Town












Official launch of the Community Policing Programme in Bangalore
On June 20, 2013 the Honourable Home Minister of Karnataka, Mr K J George, officially launched Community Policing in the city of Bangalore – a joint undertaking between the Bangalore City Police, and the Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy. Under the partnership both parties committed to piloting community policing in seven police stations – one for every police division in Bangalore.

Community Policing Advisory Group (CPAG)
The formation of the Community Policing Advisory Group (CPAG) has been critical to the development of the CP programme. The CPAG is formed by eminent and respected figures from the policing governance institutions. Their guidance, support, and expertise had created a backbone of solid direction for the CP program. The advisory group consists of Shri PKH Tharakan – Ex DG and IGP Kerala, Shri S T Ramesh – Ex DG and IGP Karnataka, and Sh Jacob Punnoose – Ex DG and IGP Kerala.

Establishing Community Policing Architecture

I.  Training of ASMs and Police personnel on the principles of CP
Each ASM and police officer involved in the CP programme has been thoroughly trained in best-practice community policing principles, and is aware of common pitfalls which can threaten the success of community policing programmes generally (such as mandate overreach etc.). To facilitate this, seven separate training sessions have been run across Bangalore – headed by Dr S T Ramesh, Ex DG and IGP of Karnataka.

II.  Formation of Jana SurakshaSamithi (JSS)
ASMs along with the Police personnel (belonging to a particular Police station area) now form Jana SurakshaSamithis (JSS).  These groups meet monthly to make sure there is synergy between ASMs and Police, and to check that targets and timelines are being met.

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