About Janaagraha’s work in Odisha

Janaagraha’s work in Odisha since 2019 aims to strengthen governance in 114 urban local bodies (ULBs) in Odisha, categorized as 5 Municipal corporations, 48 Municipalities, and 61 Notified Area Councils by focusing on improving municipal finance, staffing/capacities and creating new models for citizen engagement.
Janaagraha believes that a select range of reforms, covering – (a) revenue augmentation, (b) community participation (c) staffing and performance management – has the potential to bring about irreversible municipal strengthening.
By supporting Odisha Government’s Housing and Urban Development Department (H&UDD) in reform implementation in these 3 aspects, Janaagraha aims to help municipalities deliver better quality urban services and infrastructure in the medium to long-term. The team accomplishes this by adopting a mix of PMU model at the state as well as capacity building across the functionaries and hand-holding support to individual municipalities.