Civic Participation

Civic Participation focuses on empowering citizens and councillors with data, tools and participatory platforms to deepen democracy and citizenship at a hyper-local level. As part of our civic learning initiative, we work with children and the youth with the aim of creating the active citizens of tomorrow.

Civic Learning


Reimagining civic education in India

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Swachhata Technology Platform


Empowering citizens and governments to build a cleaner, healthier India

We attempt to work at the intersection of city systems and the thematic. The Swachhata Technology Platform was launched by Janaagraha in partnership with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. The initiative allows citizens, sanitation engineers,  and city administrators to actively participate in the Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) in achieving universal sanitation coverage across the country.

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Ward Infrastructure Index (WII)


Systemic transformation through infrastructure indices

The Ward Infrastructure Index measures the quality of public infrastructure and can also be extended to assess various community assets. Published at periodic intervals since 2008, it helps communities and governments understand infrastructure levels and paves the way for scientific, data-driven budget allocation.

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Liveability Metrics


Working with citizens towards urban rejuvenation

Janaagraha partnered with the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) to research, design, and develop the Liveability Metrics for Gurugram as mandated in the GMDA Act 2017. The aim was to define performance indicators and metrics across all categories of infrastructure and public services, and to engage citizens in the transformation of their city.

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Slum Dweller Associations

2019 onwards

Transforming urban slums into liveable, resilient, and equitable habitats

In Odisha, Janaagraha is working with the state government to strengthen Slum Dweller Associations (SDAs) as the fourth tier of governance. SDAs promote and support the participation of the urban poor in the development of their settlements. These Associations pave the way for the urban poor to plan, prioritise and oversee the transformation of their settlements into liveable habitats called Biju Adarsh Colonies.

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Bringing citizen participation to life

MyCityMyBudget (MCMB) is an annual, city-wide campaign that ensures first-mile democracy by enabling citizens to engage in their city’s budgeting process. The campaign was conceptualised and executed by Janaagraha in collaboration with the city government of Bengaluru, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). 

MCMB makes participatory budgeting a reality by ensuring that the voices and infrastructure priorities of citizens are reflected in the budget and that budget allocations are made based on the needs of the city and her citizens.

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City Politics


Civil society coalitions for systemic urban transformations

City Politics aims to create a coalition of various stakeholders to work towards the common goal of catalysing civic leadership.

It is a public forum that brings together politicians, bureaucrats, activists, civil society organisations, subject-matter experts, and citizens to discuss urban governance, decentralisation, and citizen participation. 

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Public Eye


Making every citizen a traffic warrior

Public Eye is a mobile app developed and launched by Janaagraha’s IChangeMyCity platform in collaboration with the Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP). The app enables citizens to report traffic violations by uploading photos or videos of erring vehicles along their number plates. All complainants will hear back from the BTP within 48 hours.

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