Janaagraha supports the Government of Odisha in its ambitions JAGA Mission Phase 2 that aims to transform slums into livable habitats called ‘Adarsh Colonies’.

Odisha houses 2919 slums in its 114 cities and towns. Through Jaga Mission, the slums will witness infrastructural upgradation in six areas such as roads, stormwater drains, street-lights, in-house electricity, water supply and access to toilets.

Our Civic Participation team acts as a bridge between the Urban Local Body and the State Department to ensure the project is implemented in a timely and effective manner.


Launched on 28th September 2020, by Shri Naveen Patnaik, Honorable Chief Minister of Odisha, Phase 2 of JAGA Mission aims at transforming the slums into liveable habitats. It is based on the “Odisha Land Rights to Slum Dwellers Act2017,” which is the initiative of Odisha Liveable Habitat Mission (OLHM).


  • Working towards slum upgradation by addressing the primary inequalities prevailing in urban areas to integrate the informal settlements into the mainstream city fabric.
  • Create 4th tier of governance by strengthening SDAs (Slum Development Associations) community organizations. Empower SDA to make decisions and take on implementation of infrastructure upgradation.
  • Creating conditions for reducing the growth of slums in urban areas in the future by addressing the core issues of access to land, services, housing and other necessities of urban life for the poor.
  • Moving up the ladder of building resilience in urban areas and slum proofing the city by progressing from individual to community level to city level benefits, thereby ensuring increased urban stability.


  1. Providing training and capacity building to the stakeholders (ULB Leaders, Slum Dwellers Association) regarding the Slum Upgradation and delisting process.
  2. Maintaining all relevant documents as per the SOP annexures as and when the process is completed. We collect data regarding PNA, IGAP, meetings with SDAs etc.
  3. Monitoring and evaluating all the documents received from ULBs and SDAs through checklist and field survey.
  4. Collect data on every update regarding the meetings scheduled and maintain resolutions of every meeting conducted from the ULBs.
  5. Initiating the upgradation process in the slums by coordinating with the ULBs and the Slum Dwellers Association.
  6. Fast-tracking the process of upgradation by following up with the ULBs and the Slum Dwellers Association.
  7. Development of Jaga Mission Phase 2 portal to track slum upgradation across 30 districts in Odisha


Janaagraha’s Civic Participation Team in Odisha is on a marathon of converting 2919 slums of Odisha to Adarsh Colonies within 3 years. From October 2020 to April 2021, we have transformed 504 slums to an Adarsh Colony from 20 Cities.

Jaga Mission Resources

Training Material used during Train the Master Trainers on 12th November 2020

Phase 2 Tools for PNA, IGAP

SDA Capacity building Training Planner for ULBsPNA Format for SlumsGAP Analysis and Percentage Calculation format