My City My Responsibility

Active and engaged citizens create robust and thriving democracies. Civic participation, therefore, determines the health and quality of a democracy.  

My City My Responsibility is a handbook on active citizenship that seeks to catalyse greater participation at the neighbourhood level. It is a ready reckoner that is designed to help individuals become active citizens, regardless of their experience or expertise.  

The handbook guides citizens on getting civic issues addressed and resolved through formal and informal citizen collectives. It helps them identify the status of ward committees in their cities and lists a comprehensive set of actions they can follow to ensure that ward committees achieve their full potential. The handbook also details the organisation and functioning of city governments and ward committees, and provides a framework on the use of social media for the redressal of civic issues.

My City My Responsibility is a culmination of over 20 years of our learning and experiences on sparking change through collective action. An interactive website on the handbook is currently in the works.